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Places To Hide


Places To Hide

I've always been a collector. When I was younger it was legos, toys and action figures. These days it's mostly books and posters, but the enjoyment I get out of collecting is something that has stuck with me. So, when the digital collecting platform NeonMob contacted me about designing a set of digital trading cards I agreed without hesitation. I created each piece to highlight a fictional home in far off and quiet places, somewhere that you could retreat to and be alone with your thoughts. The variety of climates and locations are also home to many different animal friends to keep you company.

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While overall the set is on the smaller side, featuring 20 regular prints and 3 chase cards, it was one of the fastest releases to sell out in NeonMob history and was only being available for a little over three weeks. You can still collect and trade for the cards though and it is fun to see newcomers to the site try and build out the set based only on trades with people who already own the cards.


While all of the places are imagined, for the chase cards I created ones that were even less grounded in reality.


Additionally, NeonMob asked me to create one more illustration for an exclusive artists set titled “Hopes and Dreams”.