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SEnSAY Branding

An AI driven text-based system that puts an expert for almost any subject right at your fingertips, Sensay is the best way to connect with helpful humans. I worked with Sensay to develp a logo that represented their service and also became a system that allowed the mark to take on any personality. In that fashion we were able to represent all or specific users or experts based on the different subjects that they excelled in. The adopted personalities were used as profile icons, promotional materials and in the product. Anywhere someone came in contact with the Sensay brand, they were greeted by a friendly face.


the bot with no name

The fun thing about Sensay is that it is platform agnostic, meaning you can connect to it in whatever your favorite messenger app is. With an audience that spanned across so many different platforms showcasing a range of personalities, cultures and characters in the brand iconography was of the utmost importance. We worked to understand users and their interests making sure that people had plenty of options that were interesting to them when selecting an avatar.


adding character

After building out the core brand elements I expanded the style by building out a more extensive color palette and growing the style of illustration to support marketing pages, motion graphics and promotional elements. I built upon the simplicity and charm found within the product while making sure to retain the equity that the company had built in its brand across all of the different surfaces.


Animation and direction by Motion Authors.