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The Silver Screen Society is a wonderful site run by Trevor Basset and Brandon Schaefer. On several occasions they have asked me to contribute to their rotating monthly curated showcases of movie inspired artwork. Each month features a different film or a different category and it’s been amazing fun to relive some of my childhood by creating artwork for movies that left a lasting impression on me when I was younger.

One of the greatest adventure movies of all time, Willow, had me captivated as a child. What is now apparently poor green screen editing and movie trickery seemed like real live magic back in 1988. I created the above image to show the journey of the three main hero characters, Willow, Sorcha and Madmartigan while working in as much of the rest of the movie as I could. The brownies, Fin Raziel, Elora Dannon and much more all found a place in this adventure. I used only four colors and halftone shading for this illustration with the intention that it may one day be screen printed. See a few detail shots and a behind-the-scenes process video below.

The Neverending Story

Nerd Alert! When I was in fourth grade I had a volunteer job at the public library shelving books. While other kids were out playing football and baseball I had my head buried in any book I could find, in between learning the dewey decimal system of course. So when The Neverending Story came out in 1984 I was instantly in love with the fictitious universe conjured up by Bastian while reading a tale of adventure on a dark stormy night.

I decided to depict Bastian reading the Neverending Story in the school attic, imagining the adventure as the storm rages on. All the while his friends and characters from the story were actually in the attic with him, hiding in the shadows. Falcor, Artax, Morla, Rock Biter and others are tucked in between shelves, in rafters and peeking out from the shadows. I created another process video, below, for this one showing my use of five colors and textures turned into halftones to create this illustration.